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face panting supplies Pixie Paint Glitter Glitter Hero Diva Stencils
This is a stunning and highly reflective white glitter. Complete your face and body painting ..
GBP £4.10
Welcome to the ocean island where we know who we are. Perfect for face painting.  W..
GBP £3.05
Professional Palette Face Painting Kit 16g On Sale
Professional Palette Face Painting Kit 16g. This is a great kit for any professiona..
GBP £138.60 GBP £120.00
Bad Ass Mini Stencil BAM1036 Frozen Snowflakes On Sale
Perfect snowflakes for Frozen inspired designs, and for your christmas looks too! The must-ha..
GBP £4.00 GBP £3.50
Based on 7 reviews.
This semi-soft water activated face paint was co-created by Mehron and Jinny Houle, world renowne..
GBP £8.65
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