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Rainbows Face Painting Competition

Rainbows Face Painting Competition
A rainbow is a metrological phenomenon that is caused by reflection, refraction and dispersion of light resulting in a spectrum of light appea ...

Spring & Easter Face Painting Competition - WINNER ...

Spring & Easter Face Painting Competition - WINNER ...
For the month of March, we invited you to paint your competition entry with the theme of Spring & Easter. Your design could have ...

Butterfly Face Painting Competition - Winners anno ...

Butterfly Face Painting Competition - Winners anno ...
Probably one of the most requested designs to paint, butterflies are the staple for most face painters. We often offer a small repertoire of b ...
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Bolt Brushes By Jest

The creative team at Jest Paints have designed their own range of brushes that they believe every painter will enjoy using. After carefully selecting the right size handle, to the length and material of the bristles after testing many brushes, they have now launched Bolt Brushes. The Stroke (flat) brushes have short bristle which allow easier control, the liner brushes have sharp tips and longer bristles to allow for a a nice flow when making twirls and teardrops. They have a semi-medium bounce. The blooming brush allows you take make perfect petals every time.

All the brushes have synthetic bristles (no animal was harmed in the making of these brushes), short shiny wooden handles, managed from national wood reforestation programs. But to top if off, all the handles are painted with a non-toxic UV reactive paint, so that you can easily find your brushes while working at black light parties.

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Diamond FX Brush Soap 100g
This brush soap from Diamond FX has been specially formulated for cleaning and caring for face painting brushes. It has a citrus scent and comes supplied in an aluminium tin. How to clean your brushes with brush soap. 1 Dip your brush into the brush soap. 2 Rub the bristles into the soap delicate..
GBP £6.99 GBP £5.90
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