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Rainbows Face Painting Competition

Rainbows Face Painting Competition
A rainbow is a metrological phenomenon that is caused by reflection, refraction and dispersion of light resulting in a spectrum of light appea ...

Spring & Easter Face Painting Competition - WINNER ...

Spring & Easter Face Painting Competition - WINNER ...
For the month of March, we invited you to paint your competition entry with the theme of Spring & Easter. Your design could have ...

Butterfly Face Painting Competition - Winners anno ...

Butterfly Face Painting Competition - Winners anno ...
Probably one of the most requested designs to paint, butterflies are the staple for most face painters. We often offer a small repertoire of b ...
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Diva Dobby Hog Warts
  Calling all Harry Potter fans, new to the DIVA collection is Hogwarts Dobby. To use: Sponge should be slightly damp when tapping the paint onto the stencil, hold stencil firmly against the skin. Wipe stencil with a damp cloth or sponge to clean. Tab with hole on side of stencil is perfect to put a stencil ring through to keep..
GBP £4.10 GBP £1.00
Global Colours Vampire FX Palette 15g
This great face paint palette includes what you need to paint a vampire, perfect for your Halloween costume. The face paint cremes included in this palette are by Global Colours providing safe, non-toxic and excellent quality. Palette includes black, white and red paints and a double ended applicator. 15gms. ..
GBP £5.90 GBP £1.50
Quirgles - Quirky face painting designs by Jody Rife
Welcome to the quirky world of the Quirgles! These cute, quirky creatures have been dreamt up and painted by experienced face painter Jody Rife. And now the team behind Illusion magazine have brought them to life with a brand new book of step-by-step designs.  With 50 fabulous face painting designs, including 21 detailed step-by-ste..
GBP £12.99 GBP £4.99
Based on 7 reviews.
Kryolan Wound Filler 50ml
Kryolan Wound filler is a gel like blood effect product for the creation of effective looking injuries. Use a spatula to place it into the lower part of a scar or injury for a natural looking blood and gore effect. The gel like consistency gives a realistic effect. Wound filler can be mixed with Transparent Blood to emphasize the freshness of th..
GBP £8.75
Based on 1 reviews.
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