Out Of Stock Lilatex Premium Protect Basic Latex 500ml

Lilatex Premium Protect Basic Latex 500ml

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Lilatex Premium Protect Basic Latex 500ml

Step into the world of Lilatex and discover endless possibilies with latex.

Liquid Latex is often used for special-effects make-up and body painting application. By painting Lilatex Liquid Latex directly onto the skin and letting it dry, you can be creative and imaginative by sculting the latex to a 3D application. Drying to a thin and transparent, with a latex content of 66% and a low ammonia content allowing for maximum tolerabitilty by anti-allergic properties. Shake well before application. No need to buy coloured latex as this can be easily painted on with face paints.

To remove: Simple peel off of skin. 

Not recommended for children under 3 years. 

Product from Germany.

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