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Featured Artists
Featured artists issue 5:
Alex Hansen
Front Cover Artist
Lynne Jamieson
Australian Artist
Richard Nijboer
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Featured artists issue 4:
Featured artists issue 3:
Featured artists issue 2:
Featured artists issue 1:
John Vargas
South American Artist
Marcela Murad
Mama Clown
Front Cover Artist
Jim Udenberg
Special Make up Effects
Carolyn Roper
World Body Painting Champion 2007
Front Cover Artist
Suzanne Mykolajenko
Australian Artist
Linzi Foxcroft
Casualty Simulation Expert
Nick Wolfe
Front Cover Artist
Mark Reid
Body Artist
Emma Cammack
British Artist
Lynne Jamieson
Front Cover Artist
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Featured artists issue 6:
Gabi von der Linnepe
Front Cover Artist
Rich Johnson
From Film to Photography
Rachel Deboer
Perfectly Polynesian